The Five Articles I Enjoyed Writing the Most

A pause for reflection

John Egelkrout
7 min readMay 11


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A few days ago I published my 300th article on Medium. I’ve been writing steadily on Medium for about two years, and for me, 300 articles is something of a milestone.

I normally publish between 10 to 15 articles per month, and they average about six to seven minutes each. There are people who publish many more articles than I do, and there are people who publish much less. I think of myself as a middle-of-the-roader.

I won’t bore you with how much money I make, or what the vicissitudes of the income and reads are month by month. I do okay. I’m not getting rich, but I make more than many. I guess you could say I am satisfied with what I have received in compensation.

300 articles is a lot of writing, and my articles have spanned a fairly wide range of topics. I am not a niche writer. I never want to be a niche writer. My interests are too varied to ever become one. I write about politics, education, the environment, and religion. I occasionally write a memoir. In short, I write what appears before me and grabs my interest.

I like it like that.

Just as all my articles haven’t had the same number of reads or made the same amount of money, the amount of joy I have experienced in writing them varies as well. Some seemed like work. Others seemed almost rote, like I was on autopilot when I was writing. There were a special few, however, that stand out for me. They were not always the ones that had the most reads or made me the most money, but they were the ones that were the most fun to write. Here they are.

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