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  • Deb Fiore

    Deb Fiore

    Deb Fiore, LICSW — Clinical Therapist and Trauma Survivor — Passionate about healing myself and helping others — Author, Speaker, Human Being

  • Jocelyn Gerard

    Jocelyn Gerard

    Finding meaning, beauty and humor in the stories of everyday life.

  • Fay Wylde

    Fay Wylde

    You want to evaluate me by a tiny profile blurb? I’m not reducible to 10 words or less. No one is. Live, Learn, and Love. There, that is my blurb.

  • Shannon Ashley

    Shannon Ashley

    It's not about being flawless, it's about being honest. 🍵 https://ko-fi.com/shannonashley 📧shannon.ashley.medium@gmail.com

  • Caren Fahey

    Caren Fahey

    just beginning to get it

  • Ginger Cook

    Ginger Cook

    Top Writer in Sports. I also write about family, music, travel, food, and humor. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg-4TXWV6SqJvuC1YOtBrrA

  • Kristen Stark

    Kristen Stark

    Writing nonsense and calling it humor. Recipient of 0 awards, but a fellow writer called me a “delightful tumor” once.

  • Adeline Dimond

    Adeline Dimond

    Federal attorney, writing thought crimes on Medium. To connect: Adeline.Dimond@gmail.com

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