Flipping the Narrative on Prices

I am tired of overpriced everything

John Egelkrout


Photo by Simon Kadula on Unsplash

Stevie Nicks in her classic song “Landslide” sings that “Time makes you bolder.” Oh, Stevie. You are so right.

I don’t know about you, but I am getting tired of sticker shock, that sinking feeling you get when you find out something is much more expensive than you ever imagined. I have had a number of encounters lately where it wasn’t so much sticker shock as it was sticker electrocution.

About two months ago my wife and I decided to replace a number of the storm windows on our house. The ones that are currently on it are very old and not in the best shape. We replaced the ones on the front of the house two years ago and we thought it was time to do the rest of the house as well.

We made a trip to the place where we bought the windows for the front of our house and soon learned that not many companies make storm windows anymore. We also learned that the price of the storm windows had more than doubled since the last time we bought any.

When we mentioned how expensive the windows were, the technician behind the counter acknowledged that the prices of storm windows have gone up dramatically and that it might be better to replace the whole window rather than just the storm window.

“You can replace the whole window for about $250. That is only about $50 more than just replacing the storm window,” he told us.

That sounded like something worth checking out. The windows in our house are very old wooden ones, and while they look nice, they aren’t very energy efficient. We thanked the man behind the counter and told him we would think it over.

When we got home, we looked up various window companies on Google and made appointments with two companies for their representatives to come to our house and give us an estimate. Our plan was to have up to ten windows replaced, depending on the overall cost. At $250 per window, we planned on roughly $2500 for the windows and perhaps another $100 per window for installation. Given that, we were figuring around $3500-$5000 for the whole project.

On the day the first appointment was scheduled, the representative from the first company came to our house. After some introductory…



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