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Most everyone has heard about secret shoppers, and like Amway, a lot of people have given at least some consideration to trying it, myself included. The way it goes is something like this. First, you sign up to be a secret shopper, and then you either get emailed opportunities to…


The unexpected things I never thought of

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We begin to age at the moment we are born. When we are young, we always look forward to the next birthday, the next school year, and being a year older. …

They may have impacted your life in a similar way

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Our country tends to get excited during presidential election years. Joe Biden isn’t even one year into his presidency, and already there are Trump 2024 flags hanging on people’s homes. Campaign signs from 2020 can still be found on some lawns. The presidential election is like no other election in…

People are quitting more than just their jobs

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One of the results of The Great Pandemic was that people began to question whether or not “normal” was worth going back to. People sheltered in place. Some lost their jobs and collected unemployment. Others worked remotely. …

Grumpy, dirty, crazy, loveable, or wise — the choice is yours

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I’m 63. I’m not old yet, but I am well on my way. As I look down that path leading into the future, I know it is only a matter of time before I am “officially” old. It’s coming. It’s inevitable. Or at least I hope it is.

There is…

Compulsory education doesn’t make sense. It never did.

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If you attended school in the United States, or if you have children who do, you are aware that every state in the United States has a compulsory education law. Sending kids to school is not a choice. It is required. While most states do have some type of homeschooling…

It’s time for your first performance review

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It’s been just a little over eight months since we hired you Democrats to run not only the executive branch of our government but both houses of Congress as well. We, the American public, decided that your predecessors were not doing the job we hired them for and we decided…

It’s the libtards versus the covidiots

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To say that the national discourse on important topics has broken down would be a gross understatement. It isn’t so much broken as it has disintegrated completely, and there is no reason to believe any phoenix will be rising from the ashes any time soon, if ever.

“You libtard.”


Vaccinations, health care, and self-interest

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I am one of the 31 million Americans without health insurance. It’s not because I don’t want it. I do. …

John Egelkrout

I am a teacher in an alternative school and work a small hobby farm in southeastern Wisconsin with my wife Kathy.

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